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Froggy Testimonials

"I recently purchased 2 froggy bags for me & my mother. We both love them. I bring it everywhere. It holds everything I need & I LOVE IT!!!"

- Tammy F

"THESE BAGS ARE GREAT!! I bought one to have something light and compact to take for grocery shopping during COVID-19. It was perfect to bring along only the things I need and I especially like the small outer compartment that is for 2oz hand sanitizer – everyone needs that these days! I put my driver’s license and credit card in the front zip pocket and my phone and a few odds-n-ends in the main part - the sides are well padded so my phone was well protected. That gave me the idea to use another use….

I bought a second one (hot green) to use to pack my laptop power supply, cables, portable charger and flash drives in, worked great for that also, keeping them in a single compact, easy to find place.

Then I bought a third one, this time in red, to match my car trim and put all the stuff in my glove compartment that had been rolling around in there to make it easy to find and grab. Really nice to have pens, a little pocket knife, sunglasses and tissues organized and not falling out when I open the door!


I’m going to buy more for Holiday and birthday presents for friends and family, something different that anyone could find useful and great looking too.



“I absolutely love this well-sized wristlet! It's so convenient especially given that I can put my sanitizer in the outside pocket and the credit cards in the separate outer zipped pocket as well. That way when I'm out running errands with my little one or juggling a million things I don't have to keep searching inside my pocket book - which trust me, has made me lose stuff many time. I love the cute yet functional design of the Froggy Bag and the colors are lovely too. Makes a really nice holiday gift at the price - just stuff it with some hand sanitizer, wipes and masks and everyone will really appreciate it!!"
-  Isha Ray

"This is a great bag for shopping trips. It holds all I need. It's also good for when I go out walking.
The bag is very nicely made and the stitching is particularly nice."

-  Richard M


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