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Our Froggy Bags have been created with the changing times in mind. Have you ever gone shopping and had to pull out your wallet only to realize you may be contaminating other objects in your wallet after you slip back in your credit card?

Then when you finally get out of the store, have you asked yourself, where is my sanitizer? Is it in my pocket or in my clunky purse?

Froggy Bag has created a solution for everyday living.

We have created a bag that is unisex. A detachable wristlet that allows you to keep your credit cards, and your sanitizer all upfront, securely attached to the outside of the bag. Problem solved.

Our bags are made out of waterproof nylon for easy cleaning, sanitizing, and for keeping your contents all safe.

The inside pocket space will accommodate, an iPhone, small wallet, car keys, masks, and other items that may be of importance.

Our bags are stylish, functional, and practical.

Colors available are Black, Hot Red & Froggy Green.

BlackContents copy.jpg

About Us

My name is Frank Madaio, with the help of my wife, my sister, and a vision. Froggy Bag Co., was born. 2020 has been a tough year and we have our stories.

Getting used to what we call a temporary situation has taken time. Doing the usual things, like food shopping has become more challenging. Not to mention the need to get things done, quickly, safely, and efficiently can be an issue.

We developed this bag with the idea that we need this bag to make our everyday experience out in the world an easier less grueling task.

Simply put, you can now keep the necessities, credit cards, debit cards, and hand sanitizer in our outside secure pockets for easy access. Other items can be placed inside, like wallets, cell phones, car keys. Shopping and just going around has now much easier and more practical.

Our Froggy Bag is a unisex bag and is made from Water Resistant Nylon. Great for easy cleaning.

Froggy Bags are a great gift, they come in three colors.
They are fashionable, simple, and sporty.


Why the Frog

The frog as a spirit animal reminds us of the transient nature of life. The frog is a symbol of transition and transformation. Frogs support us in times of change, as they are associated with the water element. They connect us with abundance, cleansing, metamorphosis, our renewed vows. These spirit animals provide us with the energy we need to be efficient and resilient in times of peril. 

Why Frog
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